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Missing Peace in a Box

Missing Peace in a Box

Dalai Lama Foundation

The Betlach Family Foundation has funded multiple rounds of production of the Missing Peace in a Box project.

The Missing Peace (in a Box) is a 2-D traveling visual arts exhibition with an educational purpose. The Box is the creatively modified offspring of The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama, a large traveling exhibition of original artwork (www.tmpp.org), which concluded in 2011. The Box contains 14 high-quality archival reproductions, specially selected from the exhibition, plus 1 print with artwork titles and descriptions Also enclosed are four lesson plans: two each for middle and high school. Each lesson plan is printed on a four-fold poster, the front of which depicts an additional Missing Peace artwork. The curricula are correspondingly based on the artwork. The curricula are also included on CD, along with an information-packed educator's guide.

Out of the "Museum" Box
The Box provides a simple-to-install exhibition, with beautiful visuals and explanatory text, in a package which can be easily mailed or carried to locations around the world. It provides a vehicle by which the benefits of The Missing Peace can be made available to many individuals and communities outside of the few urban centers capable of hosting the full exhibition. It offers schools and community centers the opportunity to incorporate The Missing Peace into educational related programs.

Art as a Pathway to Peace
The artworks invite reflection on a broad range of themes including belief systems, war and peace, the pursuit of true happiness, and the struggle of life in diaspora and in exile. The exhibit invites viewers to explore the values that make peace possible: compassion, patience, empathy, restraint, non-violence, courage, forgiveness, and responsibility. The works serve as an inspiration and reference point for the possibility of cultivating these values.

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