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Madagascar is home to all kinds of unique plants and animals—many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. But it is the lemur that is Madagascar's wildlife ambassador.

Latin for "ghost," lemurs are sometimes mistaken for marsupials but are actually primates—just like gorillas, chimpanzees, and even humans. Lemurs are among a primate classification called prosimians. Having evolved some 65 million years ago, prosimians are the oldest living primates in the world. They even predate monkeys and apes. Other prosimians include the lorises, tarsiers, and galagos all from parts of Asia and Africa.

Amazingly, of the 17 families of primates in the world, five of those are endemic to Madagascar. Protecting lemurs is a conservation priority for we stand to lose almost one third of the diversity of our own order.

Excerpt from Conservation International.

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