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Crane Boy: Books for Bhutan

Bhutan Friendship Foundation

"Every year, Kinga and his classmates wait for the black-necked cranes to return to the kingdom of Bhutan. The birds fly south over the highest mountains in the word to winter in the valley where Kinga lives, deep in the Himalayas. The cranes have been visiting the valley since ancient times, but every year, fewer cranes return. Kinga is concerned. 'What can he do?,' he wonders. He and his classmates approach the monks for permission to create and perform a dance to honor the cranes and to remind the Bhutanese people of their duty to care for them. The monks caution them to first watch the cranes to see how they move and learn from them. The children watch and practice. And practice some more until the big day when they perform before the king of Bhutan."

—Description of the book Crane Boy by Diana Cohn available on Amazon.

The Betlach Family Foundation holds a strong belief that our children are our future stewards and it is extremely important to instill a love of the environment and animal life in them. What better way to do this than through books?

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