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Western Rivers Conservancy

Protecting Critical Coho Salmon Habitat on the South Fork Scott River

Western Rivers Conservancy

"In California, coho salmon are endangered throughout much of their range and only possess the slightly favorable status of threatened in the northernmost reaches of the state. When it comes to their survival in California, the Scott River, a major tributary to the Klamath River, is of utmost importance. Producing over half of the state’s wild coho population, the Scott River has clear water, abundant spawning beds and no main-stem dams to impede fish migration. Yet, since the days of the Gold Rush, the Scott River has been dramatically transformed, and the river and its fish face myriad challenges, from water diversion and diking to deforestation and drought. Perhaps the greatest stressor on coho today is the lack of water. Frequently, there is simply too little water in the river and its tributaries to sustain healthy populations of spawning, holding and rearing fish."

Excerpt by Western Rivers Conservancy, read more here: http://www.westernrivers.org/projectatlas/scott-river/

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