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The State of the World's Sea Turtles (SWOT)

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"The State of the World's Sea Turtles (SWOT) Program, administered by Oceanic Society and managed in collaboration with Duke University's OBIS-SEAMAP and the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group, is an ambitious effort to coordinate, improve, and empower global sea turtle conservation efforts that was founded in 2003.

We are proud of the many advances we have made since then, including major products such as the first global database of sea turtle biogeography, the first global-scale maps of sea turtle distribution, the first minimum data standards for nesting beach monitoring, the convening of a global network of hundreds of sea turtle researchers and conservationists, an effective small grants program, and 11 volumes of the award-winning SWOT Report. Today we are focused on not only maintaining the momentum of SWOT, but also on keeping our 'SWOT-Team' community engaged and focused on the most important conservation goals for sea turtles and their ocean habitats."

Excerpt by Oceanic Society, more information available here: https://www.oceanicsociety.org/projects/sea-turtle-conservation

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