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Western Rivers Conservancy

Protection of Crucial Chinook Salmon Spawning and Rearing Habitat at Goat Falls Ranch

Western Rivers Conservancy

Idaho's Salmon River is one of the longest, wildest and cleanest rivers in the Western United States, flowing 425 miles from the Sawtooth Mountains to its confluence with the Snake River. It has long been recognized that the cold waters within the upper reaches of the Salmon River contain unique and naturally high-quality production habitat for native salmonids, including federally listed Chinook and sockeye salmon, steelhead and bull trout. The salmon and steelhead that spawn in Goat Creek and Meadow Creek travel more than 900 miles from the Pacific, gaining over 6,500 feet in elevation—one of the longest anadromous fish journeys on Earth. Adequate stream flows are critical to the success of this incredible migration.

Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) will acquire a key private inholding, located in the headwaters of the Salmon River and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), with the intentions of keeping it from development.

Protection of chinook salmon spawning and rearing habitats is extrememly important as it is the primary food source for the endangered Southern Resident Orcas found in the Pacific Northwest.

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